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The Physics behind Distributed Leadership

Imagine you are the only point of contact for every last one of your firm's clients.  Within a complex or multinational organisation, you would quickly reach capacity and not have the time or expertise to accommodate nuanced client-requirements. Queue bursting balloon... 

To cope, you employ a wide range of experts to fulfil client-work, developing business lines and profit centres in the process.  This is load balancing in action - the act of efficiently distributing an incoming pressure to maintain the integrity and function of the whole.  Therein, the more experts = the more client work you can successfully deliver. 

The concept of distributed leadership follows suit.  By devolving the traditional notion of leadership and empowering more within your firm to take on leadership roles, you can expand the surface area of pressure (see video below) and achieve a greater sum as a collective. 

This is an equally relevant analogy for your firm's content strategy.  Limiting the number of people within your firm able to create content only applies greater pressure on everyone involved.  Empowering all employees in some shape or form to create or share expert and client-relevant content, spreads the distribution of pressure and results in a far more efficient and superior output. 

Pressure = Force / Area.


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