One thing anyone who has watched a Premier League match over the last few years will notice is the non-stop of advertising: during the ad breaks on TV, during the match itself on the advertising hoardings and, of course, on the players' shirts.

Most of us imagine we are immune to this advertising and all of our choices are rational, independent decisions, but in fact, it really does work. How many tyre companies could the average person name? Probably 4-5 and it's a sure bet that those companies sponsor one or more big sports teams which you watch on a regular basis. 

You don't come to replace your tyres everyday, but when you do, you want a solution that is convenient, timely and good value. Your inclination to go for a recognisable brand will probably be twice that of the unknown brand. 

There's a lesson here for those in the B2B marketplace as well. If you are not present on a consistent basis, then when the time comes for your high-value client basis to make a purchase, then you aren't going to be considered. 

Content serves to get your brand out there on a consistent basis. It makes you a part of the conversation so that when someone is ready to make a purchase, your brand is the first one that comes mind. It's really quite simple.