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Question: What shall I write about? Answer: What you want to be known for. Focus on your niche!

I read with disappointment that UK tech firm Blippar has collapsed.  It is always a shame to see great talent and ideas not pulling off the potential that many people and lots of investors thought possible.

I was interested to read one of the reasons that employees saw as a reason was that there was a lack of focus. Commentators have said that Blippar never found its niche or aimed at one area to dominate.

This made me think of a question I get asked a lot by the experts I work with.  They ask 'what shall I write about online?'  

The answer is always the same - Focus on your niche expertise.  Write about the things that you want to be known for and make sure you focus, focus, focus.

Blippar suffered from a lack of focus, trying out a range of ideas - making an app for Google Glass, opening a Silicon Valley office, launching a facial recognition service. One comment on the Glassdoor site where staff review employers sums it up: "Find a niche and commit to making Blippar the expert in that niche, rather than trying to be and do everything. It's changed strategy so many times it's hard to trust what they believe."


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