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Mr esports: How one lawyer is successfully building his personal brand online. Passle Podcast Episode 9

It used to be that to get ahead in any professional service firm it really helped if you were great at schmoozing at dinners in posh restaurants and networking at fabulous drinks events.  A decent game of golf and maybe the odd spot of tennis, squash or sailing helped too.  

Relationships traditionally were built and reputations reinforced with these activities all IRL as my niece would say (in real life - I know; sorry).  These are still important to some degree in building personal 'brand' but now your activity online can be far more effective.

Importantly it costs less, takes less time and can be far better for you, your family and your waistline.  Plus your ability to schmooze is not such a defining factor.  You are measured on what you know, not on your ability to wax lyrical about the Harlequin's strong second row or how far you can hit a small ball with your new 9-iron.

"In the canteen a colleague said 'You're the esports guy aren't you!'"

In this podcast, Rahul Gandhi, Trainee Lawyer with a passion for esports (multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators by professional gamers), talks about how he is building his reputation at Global Law firm CMS through his activities online. 

 Have a listen to find out how....

"Because CMS is so big and there is so much going on at the firm, a personal brand helps you stand out and connect with the right people at the firm and get involved in the right types of work." Rahul Gandhi, Trainee Lawyer, Global Law Firm CMS


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