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Passle Podcast - Rainmaker 2019

To grow and differentiate themselves, firms are finding that they need to adopt new approaches to leadership. Organisations are looking at how they can create more leaders and effectively distribute the responsibility and capacity for growing the firm.

Rainmaker 2019 will analyse how many of the world’s leading organisations have embraced distributed leadership as an opportunity to drive growth through empowering more leaders, promoting inclusiveness and fostering diversity.

Our speakers this year include:

  • Helen Bevan, NHS Horizons Chief Transformation Officer leading large-scale change in the country's largest and most complex organisation  
  • Ben Ryan, who coached the Fiji Sevens Rugby team to Olympic glory who will be talking about Distributed Leadership in a sporting capacity
  • Katie Nagy De Nagybaczon, Partner from CMS talking about the importance of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Andy West, Group Chief Development Officer at global communications firm Hotwire talking about driving ROI from your Rainmakers and Distributed Leadership


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