I was reading the article in the Law Gazette below because Tom referenced it in his recent post. However, I was struck by the opening statement that "There is an argument that since law firms win a significant amount of business via word-of-mouth referrals, their websites need not be a priority." 

The main reason it jarred with me is that I am coming to the end of Geraint Thomas's "The Tour according to G", which is simply an excellent read, if you have even a passing interest in competitive cycling. I'm getting to the end of the book so I brought it in to work, having read it this morning on the train and was asked whether it was any good by three separate people.

Now, I'm not sure that my literary whims carry much clout but I do know that book club recommendations are a huge driver for book sales and also that Amazon has done quite a tidy job of flogging books online so it seemed extremely odd to read that having strong word-of-mouth referrals would be a reason to reduce the importance of a solid web-presence. 

The people advancing this argument should think carefully about whether they are certain their profession is immune to change; things didn't go so well for bookshops.