Most professionals want to write more content but lack inspiration.

Experienced writers find this hard as well, often turning to other artistic mediums for a break, traveling or going to more extreme lengths to find that little nugget of inspiration for their next piece.

Fortunately for professionals looking to produce content - there are far more simple ways of finding that inspiration for your next piece. Below are three easy places to look for your inspiration. What you are looking for here is something that your readers are invested in. Something that they care about and need help with.

Where to look for professional content inspiration

The conversations of your colleagues

Your colleagues know what's important to your clients. But asking them directly is not necessarily the best way to get that information. Challenges your clients have come across in the conversations they have with your team.

Take some time to listen to these conversations - there is often something you can write to help your colleagues on a particular account. When a colleague gets off the phone the conversation that starts with "what did xyz want?" is a goldmine for content and has a ready-made audience.

Your own email chains

Long, time-consuming emails are the bane of productivity. But they tell you something about your clients. If you have a long chain going back and forth - your client obviously is invested enough in the topic and needs your advice. 

If one of your clients has this problem - chances are that others do as well. Anonymise your content and make it available to the market for those that are struggling but haven't reached out to you - yet.

Your upcoming meetings

Meetings have an interesting quality of being too long and not long enough at the same time. People innately have a limited ability to absorb information - more time is needed with clients to fully inform them but at the same time long meetings are unproductive and test the patience of those involved.

Check your calendar for upcoming meetings. Think about what would be handy for your client to receive before or after the meeting. - maybe the basics of the topic you are discussing or possibly the top advice for people in their situation.

Sending something before or after the meeting shows that you aren't just interested in the client when you are in front of them and helps them feel prepared and confident when meeting you. It's a sound practice 

A current challenge you have

What do you need to do now to help your firm grow? Is it building a stronger relationship with an existing client? Maybe its to nurture a current opportunity to sale or to open a new opportunity with a key target for next quarter.

Regardless of the challenge, you have an opportunity to overcome it in some way with content. That's the real key to professional content. Not writing for content sake, but using targeted and helpful insights to build relationships that benefit your firm and its clients.