This morning in our regular coaching session with Tom Frearson we were shown the video below of Carol Dweck's Ted Talk explaining what is a Growth Mindset, why it is important and how to move toward it.  You may well have seen it - if not I thoroughly recommend it.

This is a neat summary:

All of us, whatever our occupation exists somewhere on the spectrum between Growth and Fixed mindsets. We are not one or the other, we also may well have a growth mindset in one area of our lives but not in another. Once we have a think about it we can start applying tactics to move toward a growth mindset to help us achieve our goals in the areas we want to focus on.

When it comes to creating content and having an online presence we need to remember and apply the following tactics:

  • Understand we will not be perfect at it straight away - we need to practice
  • Be ready to learn - always! See this post by my colleague Adam
  • Get feedback from your team.  Ask for it and embrace it
  • Learn from what your colleagues are doing.  They may be further down the path than you on their content-creating journey.  Let this inspire you not put you off.
  • Failure to start is the biggest barrier.  Get going!

Finally, great advice from Tom this morning - Replace the statement "I should"  to "I could".  Stop worrying about what you should do which seems unattainable and focus on what you could do to get started.