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Podcasts - keep them simple, short and do it yourself. Advice for law firm marketing folk who want to get started.

Here at LMA NE in NYC it was great to hear Jose Garriga Senior Communications Manager at Akin Gump discuss creating podcasts with Ari Kaplan.  Jose has been creating podcasts for his attorneys regularly for just over a year (click here) whilst Ari has bee at it for over a decade (click here).

As Jose pointed out people learn in different ways.  Text is great but often it is easier to take in info by listening.  Whatsmore Lawyers are more concise in the context of verbal conversation than when they write.  

Ari was keen to point out the business development opportunities podcasts offer. Potential clients and C suite folk at clients who you do not know and it would be difficult to get a meeting with often are more than happy to 'be interviewed'

Key takeaways:

  • Keep your podcast short.  5 or 6 minutes is works.
  • If it is face to face podcasts are very easy to do.  It is DIY.  You need a computer, a microphone ($100 mic will do) and some software (bandcamp, audacity, adobe audition).
  • You need a host - an attorney can talk to themselves; you can get two attorneys to talk to each other; or- and this is my recommendation get someone who is not an attorney in your firm to be the host.  There is a career opportunity here - hosing the podcast if you are in communications, marketing or BD gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise.  It also offers consistency and you will get better and better with every podcast.  You will also get exposure to leaders across the firm.
  • Frequency is key.  Make a plan and execute.
  • When not face to face use tech like Zoom.

In Summary: Make it easy.  Make it digestible.  Make it consistent.


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