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Our beautiful, new automated digest system

The idea of sending the latest insights from your experts to their clients in a timely and efficient way is by no means new. But it is extremely difficult in practice without resorting to the central marketing email blast. Typically this is time-consuming, impersonal and all just a bit random.

Your audience all have different topics they are interested in, different authors they want to hear from and different frequencies that they prefer.

So we have been working closely with some of our big professional services clients for the last few months to solve exactly this with a beautiful, simple, personalised and automated email digest system. And now it is ready to pull the wrappers off.

Your customers can select to receive your insights by channel or by author on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And your authors can have their own personal digest going to their key clients - and their own sign-up link.

Here's mine -

Sign up to hear all my finest thoughts, crumbs from the table of Socrates!

More seriously, our users are typically unusually bright and very specialist in their area - and their clients are very keen to hear their thoughts on the issues of the day. 

By simply adding tags for your posts, you can add content to different channels - they might be based around topics, geography, author or even content type. Or a mix - it is completely flexible. Your clients can sign up for the digests and when you have something of interest for them, they get their personalised and automated digest. 

And you can easily see who's signing up to your digest too. 

If you want to get your Digest system set up on Passle, please contact your Client Success Consultant, or if this whole Passle idea sounds too good to be true please contact!


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