No lunches, no posh spreads at a breakfast briefing, no conferences, no sports event invitations, no quick cheeky glass of wine together before end of day on a Thursday.  All these client touch-points are gone.

It has never been more important to pick up the phone or send a good email to your contacts.

I always default to the phone but sometimes you do not want to interrupt someone and an email feels better.  So, what can you send by email that will cut through the noise and not be lame?  My advice is to send a useful piece of content - the useful bit is important here.  You do not need Passle to send an ISTATOY - I saw this and thought of you email (but it helps).

Use the ISTATOY as a nudge.  You have not talked to a contact for a while but would love to remind them that you are still in business and here to help.  

Choose a good piece of relevant, timely and if possible digestible (no one is going to read thousands of words just now) blog post and send it over with a message along of the lines of: 

'Hope you are doing ok. Have not spoken for a while but I saw this post [that you have written or a colleague has written] and thought it would resonate etc etc.  PS Fancy catching up fora Zoom coffee, lunch, beer!

It is a simple process. Choose a piece of content you know will resonate with your client/prospect/colleague and send it with short note explaining why you are thinking of them.  

Reciprocity means - if indeed it was useful - then the receiver will be far more likely to respond and the outcome is more likely to be positive for both of you.

Great piece of advice in the article linked below - if they are very important to you follow up with a thoughtful gift. Something just for them.