Engaging your people and organising office social events is just as important during these remote working times and here at Passle we ran a Quiz for everyone on Zoom. Here is how we did it:

1. Write the questions 

2. Create your teams, we found that six people per team worked well. Give each team a name

3. Create a Google Form with all of the questions 

4. Create a Zoom call for each team. NB the person running it will have to have enough devices to open each Zoom call on (only one Zoom call per device)

5. Send an email to everyone saying who is in each team with a link to each team's Zoom call, and the Google Form link that contains the questions

6. Start the Quiz: Open each Zoom call. When you read the questions you must be unmuted on all Zoom calls. Once you have asked the question, mute all Zoom calls so that no teams can hear each other. Teams must answer the questions on their Google Form and one person should complete it.

7. End the Quiz: you can either read the answers out for teams to mark, or ask all teams to submit the Google Form and you can check the answers. Reveal the winner and send a virtual prize!