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Be kind and let kindness define you...

Last week's Mental Health Awareness campaign focused on kindness.  Right now it seems kindness is more important than ever.

As Julia Robinson, Head of Training at Law Firm Ropes & Gray in the article below writes critical thinking, curiosity, emotional intelligence; kindness and creativity - these are all things that make us different.  They define our humanity and right now they cannot be replicated by a machine in the intricate way we use them to communicate.

Last week's campaign made me think about the way we communicate online and the challenge I pose you is to showcase not just your cleverness but also your kindness when you post.  It is something that will definitely differentiate you and your firm - more now than ever.

A year ago I posted about an FT article in which "soft skills", a phrase that makes most people in learning and development wince, was re-explained as "robot-proof skills". The point was that in a complex, rapidly changing and increasingly digital world the skills we should be prioritising are those that are at the core of our 'humanness', skills like critical thinking, curiosity, emotional intelligence and creativity.


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