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Encourage Virtual 1-2-1 Communication

As the weeks pass by and life starts to resemble some form of normality, business's have been adapting the way they communicate with clients. Whilst we have all grown used to the majority of our communication being virtual, there is no getting away from the fatigue it brings.

So, it is no surprise that business's are starting to work on more personal forms of communication and encouraging that virtual 1-2-1 engagement with clients. Mass emails are a thing of the past, especially with clients finding these to be filling their inboxes, adding to that fatigue.

The question then is, how do you tailor it to be 1-2-1:

  • Establish a Human Connection - You can be informal and still be professional. Ultimately you’re one person talking to another and reminding a client they’re dealing with a human being helps break down a barrier.

  • Prioritise Quality over Quantity - Ask plenty of questions when you 'meet' a client to gain a clear understanding of their goals. Armed with this knowledge, you can provide targeted communications that specifically address their concerns and needs.

If these two areas are considered, then that will enable you to communicate with them in not only a more personal manner but also targeted. By demonstrating that you know a client’s interest in a certain area whilst empathising with their pain points through sending them relevant content then you will reinforce the knowledge that you’re invested in them.

Good communication can cut through the flood of information that bombards clients in a world of constant connectivity. Before communicating with your clients ask yourself: what does my client need or what do they value and, how can I deliver that to them in a way they can understand? Once you’ve answered these questions, the best way to ensure your message stands out in the crowd is to use your expertise and unique insights to meet specific client needs. Combine these with some emotional intelligence and your client communication will be much more effective.


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