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Turning busy lawyers into recognised thought leaders - LMA 2020

In two weeks time, the LMA annual conference kicks off virtually. I'm excited to be presenting alongside a brilliant marketer in Linda Orton, Chief Marketing Officer at Alvarez and Marsal.

In the last few years, few firms have adopted expert-led content to the same degree or with the same success as A&M. Linda and I are discussing how to transform thought leadership from a time-consuming hassle into an authentic and easy process for driving engagement with clients and prospects.

Linda brings such a wealth of experience and has genuinely achieved unprecedented results at Alvarez and Marsal, this is a great chance to hear how it's done. 

Join Linda and I on Tuesday, October 20th from 12:40 - 13:10 where we'll explain:

  • How to focus your approach to content around your clients and prospects
  • How to position your firm as the go-to experts in their space
  • How to use content to deepen relationships and win business


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