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Professional Services Growth Live EP04 - Data and analytics with Sarah Strachan

Join us for a live Q&A, where we discuss all things business development and marketing within professional services, taking questions from across our fantastic community.

Thursday 15 Oct 4.30 pm UK time (11.30 EDT). 

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On this episode of Professional Services Growth Live, I’m joined by Sarah Strachan, an expert in data and analytics for Professional Services Marketing. We discuss how successful firms use analytics, their place of analytics within a marketing team and where the opportunities are for savvy marketers to make more of the data available to them.

You'll learn:

- What role does analytics play in an effective marketing setup?
- What are the best examples of marketers using analytics to demonstrate value?
- Should data and analytics be a separate role within a marketing team?
- How far should you go in the pursuit of accuracy in analytics?
- Where are the opportunities for firms to benefit more from the data available?

So bring your drinks and your questions to Professional Services Growth Live.


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