Mark Suster gave a webinar shortly after the start of the Pandemic where he spoke about the ways that the crisis would affect businesses as it plays through. He was talking mainly about SaaS businesses but much of what he said has proven true for many firms. 

In particular, he identifies that the normal cost-cutting behaviours of clients when faced with a crisis is to cut the number of "vendors who do roughly similar things" from "nine down to two" and the importance of ensuing that your firm is one of the fortunate two. 

That knee-jerk reaction and the diminution of the number of suppliers has now mainly happened and it is now much clearer whether you have made the cut. 

Looking forward though, in the instances where you are one of the lucky suppliers, there is clearly an opportunity to fill the gaps left by the less fortunate other seven firms. So "lasering in" on the needs of your existing customers, as discussed in the article below is the obvious place to focus your efforts.

There is clearly going to be a lot of uncertainty for quite while but exceeding the expectations of your current clients has never been more essential to future growth.