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To have an effective Thought Leadership process, it must be easy.

Lawyers are clever, but they are busy. So if you want them to step away from their fee work to create content to engage their clients, they must find the process very simple. Simple means;

1. They must have their own login. If they don't, then they have to ask someone to help ... and that's where the trouble begins.

2. There must be governance. Partly to protect the firm from a misguided post but, in reality, to allow the lawyer to create content with confidence, without worry or undue concern. 

3. There must be feedback to that lawyer about their posts. Or they will rarely, if ever, publish twice.

The excerpt below is from On24, a webinar company making a very similar point. In the new world order, digital is not a choice and ad-hoc is not a strategy.

Simplify Processes Easy is important. To successfully increase programming, your lawyers need to be able to propose new topics, get marketing support {for webinars}, and translate client interest into thought leadership, without having to jump through budgetary hoops and complex approval chains.


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