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All I want for Christmas is 2021

As we near probably one of the weirder christmases we've had in a while ("Merry Tier 4" doesn't quite have the same ring...), now is a good time to create a piece of light-hearted, thoughtful content to reflect on this year and look to the next.

COVID-19 has definitely thrown a giant, Earth-sized spanner into the works and there is no doubt that for many this has been a very difficult year. However, whether in your professional or personal life there are always positives to be drawn from every experience. 

As the year comes to a close, why not use your content to inject some optimism back into the world?

Take a look back at the good news stories in your business and share them with the people in your network:

  • What were your biggest successes this year? 
  • How has WFH flexibility been an advantage to you? 
  • What exciting projects are coming up in 2021?

Sharing your positivity is a great way to reconnect with clients you lost touch with, build relationships with current contacts, or reach out to colleagues you haven't caught up with in a while.

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, take some time to look back at your achievements and get set for a fresh start to 2021!


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