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Not sure what content to write - Ask your clients

Create content that will resonate with your clients - we must say this 100 times a week here at Passle.  The follow up question is sometimes is how?

The answer is simple.  Listen.  Listen with intent.  Listen on the phone.  Listen in person.  Listen online - check out what they want when it comes to you creating content for them.  Ask them to check out what you have done and ask for feedback.  Was it useful?  How could I make sure I deliver what you want in the future?  Simple stuff but we often forget to do it.  I know I do.

No one ever got in trouble with a client by listening to them and asking good questions. 

I was on a call the other day with Mo Bunnell and one of the audience advised to ask the following question when trying to understand a prospects' needs which I really liked:

What is your goal?  X.  Okay, why is X important to you. Because Y.  Okay, why is Y important to you?  Z.  Okay, why is Z important to you?  

Repeat until you get the "real" reason... usually 4-5 levels deep.

I think the same logic can be applied to content that will resonate.  Try to really find out what is of interest to your clients and prospects.  It might lead to some interesting insight and even collaboration.

I love the quote below by Deborah Brightman Farone: CEO, Strategic Marketing Advisor, Farone Advisors LLC:

“It’s important to ask clients, what kinds of updates do you want? Is it lengthy, in-depth client memos, or would it be better for me to call you, have a weekly meeting with your staff, or host a monthly meeting with others in your industry? Have those conversations and design your outreach based on what your client wants, rather than what we as law firms think they want.” Deborah Brightman Farone: CEO, Strategic Marketing Advisor, Farone Advisors LLC


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