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Decoding the Greatness of Rainmakers - Recommended Event

For the last few months, I have been enjoying Mo Bunnel's online GrowBIG Accelerator program. Focused entirely on helping those in professional services to grow their business Mo has provided fantastic content every week.

Mo was charging $1,800 a year for these sessions but now he is offering this fabulous content on a complimentary basis. The new deal is that once a month you can tune in and hear from the very best experts in their field - all focused. A real deep dive into subjects that will help you thrive.

The first session is June 8th from 12 to 1 EST - Decoding the Greatness of Rainmakers. Click here to register

Mo will jointly lead a Masterclass with Ron Friedman, PhD. Ron's new book--Decoding Greatness--is coming out June 15. If you want to be a better Rainmaker or you help the Rainmakers at your firm I thoroughly recommend you sign up.

As Ron says: "You don’t have to be a genius to achieve greatness, but you do need a method for getting there. Bursting with unforgettable stories and actionable strategies, Decoding Greatness is an indispensable guide to learning from the best, improving your skills, and sparking breakthrough ideas".

Decoding the Greatness of Rainmakers. Join Mo Bunnell and Ron Friedman, Ph.D. for a Masterclass training based on Ron's new book - Decoding Greatness. The webinar will be on June 8, 2021, from 12 to 1 pm EST. We'll use Ron's Decoding Greatness process to teach how to become a rainmaker in a way that works for you. Sign up to get the webinar details.


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