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CMO Series EP26 - Marisa Eubanks of RumbergerKirk on how to encourage your lawyers to stay on top of BD activities

In today's competitive market, Business Development is key to a successful career as a lawyer. Anyone striving to become a partner is expected to have a flexible attitude to business and, more importantly, winning it. However, on a busy day, BD activities can often take the back burner, and move down the list of priorities.   

On this week’s episode of the CMO Series Podcast, we're thrilled to be joined by Marisa Gonzalez Eubanks, Director of Marketing at RumbergerKirk to discuss how to encourage and motivate your lawyers to stay on top of their BD activities.

Charles and Marisa cover:

  • How BD and Marketing professionals have been positioned as the trusted experts within RumbergerKirk 
  • How to support new associates in developing their BD skills when they join the firm 
  • How to encourage lawyers to write regular content
  • Top tips and tricks to motivate lawyers to stay on top of regular BD activities
  • How lawyers can accelerate BD in a digital first world
  • Advice for marketers and BD professionals on how to encourage and motivate lawyers to take part in BD activities
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