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CMO Series EP30 - Norm Rubenstein of Zeughauser Group on the Evolution of Law Firm Marketing

Even before the events of the last couple of years, law firms have seen a significant shift in the role and importance of Marketing and Business Development.

Our guest joining us on this week’s edition of the CMO Series has a deep understanding of this shift. Ali Bone welcomes Norm Rubenstein, Partner at Zeughauser Group, to discuss the changing role of marketing and BD in law firms and how firms are reacting to the accelerated changes prompted by the events of the last few years.

Norm’s extensive law firm experience provides valuable insight into the transformation of legal marketing over the past 30 years.

Listen in as Ali and Norm discuss:

  • How the position and role of marketing changed for law firms over the course of the last three decades
  • How technology has changed the way firms market, from websites and social media to sophisticated data analysis 
  • The key drivers that have caused this shift in marketing and BD 
  • The distinction between firms that appreciate marketing and those that don’t
  • How firms can tell if they are being left behind with regard to their marketing efforts
  • Advice to marketers looking to navigate changes in their function
"If you fast forward to today, it's engaging in some piece of significant thought leadership that you provide to that client which underscores why you're a market leader..."


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