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Driving Tra(i)nsformation - The Opportunity Cost of Getting Your Time Back when Creating Content

12 minutes... that was the length of time it took me to get from London Liverpool Street Station to Paddington Station on the Elizabeth Line earlier today. 

I was unexpectedly blown away by the genuine transformation that the capital's newest train line has delivered. 

Feeling a childlike exuberance, I was amazed that the journey which used to take me the best part of 30 minutes had been more than halved. Almost as if I had been handed 15 minutes back to go about my day. 

This got me thinking about the opportunity cost of 15 minutes.

Introducing Efficiencies 

The outcome of me getting from A to B is the same on both routes of transport. However, by taking the Elizabeth Line, I introduced 50%+ efficiencies.

Achieving efficiencies (without detracting from the end result) is a welcome transformation when applied to most working practices. 

We see this regularly when it comes to firms producing thought leadership. The amount of time spent creating content does not directly correlate with the outcomes and results. 

Conversely, we often find that more digestible content with succinct, authentic, and valuable insight outperforms longer styles of thought leadership.

The opportunity cost for a professional working by the billable hour is billable time. 

The more efficient you can make your content production process, whilst maintaining/improving the outcome of your insights, the more potentially billable time you free up.

Therefore, paving a quicker process for your thought leadership will decrease the barriers to entry for a lot of professionals, and thus make you inherently more successful at getting expert content out there in the first place. 

“I think that in five or 10 years’ time, all that people will be thinking about is the massive benefit that this has brought not only to the capital, but the UK.” Crossrail’s opening day was not just one for the trainspotters. Others were less interested in how comfortable the seats were and more concerned about cutting their commute. “I’m excited just to see how quick it actually is,” said Niyana Saratatt, 45, who works in central London. “At the moment I need to take a train, a bus and a Tube. This will cut my journey in half. Everyone’s happy.”


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