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Legal Marketing Digital Performance Index 2022 - Interactive Analysis

This year, we exhaustively counted and benchmarked the top 200 firms from each of the  US & UK legal markets to help firms understand the legal thought leadership landscape.

Below, you'll find some comparative analysis and benchmarks to help visualise your firm's digital marketing success and opportunities.

7 Unmissable Legal Digital Marketing Benchmarks

See how your firm compares in each analysis below. Highlight your firm using the "highlight" button in the top right.

*use the arrows at the bottom right of the graph to change to a new benchmark analysis, you can open the content in full screen by clicking the logo in the bottom right.

Our data set from this year includes digital performance metrics for all the top 200 US and top 200 UK firms, analysing the performance in terms of social media followings, thought leadership published and branded Google Search traffic.

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