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LMA TownHall - It is conference season...

The LMA Town Hall was back with this year’s President Brenda Plowman at the helm.  I have no idea how she does it - right now she is everywhere!!  A couple of weeks ago I saw her in DC for the Mid-Atlantic Conference and my colleague Ed saw her in Dallas for the South West Regional event. This week she is in Savannah for LMA SE and then the week after in NYC for the big NE get-together before getting back to Canada.  Incredible commitment!

And that brings me to the first order of business discussed – a quick summary of progress to date this year.  Membership is up – as of Sept there are over 3,780 active members of the LMA.  This is 10% up on 2021.  That includes 110 members from Plaintiff firms – one of the 2022 goals achieved.

At the heart of the LMA are all the volunteers.  Halloween (31st Oct) is when the call for volunteers for next year goes out. You can get in early – simply click here to register your interest. There really is an opportunity for everyone. You can do a lot or a little.  You can act locally or internationally. The community could not be more supportive.  If you have not volunteered yet give it a go!

As many of you know in the last year The LMA has launched the Member Resource Groups linked to DE & I – you can join Allies Members of Color, LGBTQ+ and/or Allies.  All are designed to develop better understanding and support.  Every other month there will be a meeting with the next one being Members of Color on Nov 16.

LMA Conferences:

The big news covered in the Town Hall was the LMA conferences. We are in the heart of Conference season.  

The Passle team had a great time at LMA Mid Atlantic. Check out the posts we wrote below:

Upcoming events:

LMA SE in Savannah Oct 26-28.  Check out the fantastic agenda here.   If you are going - I will see you there!  I have had a sneak peek at the attendee list and they have heaps of fabulous people coming.  I am particularly looking forward to Ackert’s Thursday evening experiences – who doesn’t like a pub crawl, mixology class, Art gallery visit or a bit of yoga in the park (well maybe not the yoga)?!

LMA Northeast November 3-4 in NYC.  This is the big one.  Michelle Murray and her team have done an outstanding job in organizing this.  Over 200 attendees will enjoy 25 sessions run by 75 speakers!  Everything is bigger in the Big Apple! I cannot wait. Check out the agenda here.

If you are coming, then please do drop into my session on Thought Leadership at 3.10 pm on Friday.  I have the pleasure of speaking with the CMO of Brown Rudnick, Julia Bennett.  Julia’s Case Study is full of useful stories - and a little bit about what happens when your firm represents Johnny Depp and it is on the tele!

LMA Canada in Toronto, November 14, 2022. Check out the conference details here.  We all decided that it should be mandatory for any US-based legal marketing professionals to get a trip up to Canada to support our Northern brothers and sisters! Hopefully next year for me 😊

2023 - Next year mark your diaries for the Big One – The LMA Annual Conference, Hollywood, Florida, 24-26 April 2023.  This will fantastic.  Roy Sexton will be President in 2023 so you can guarantee it will be awesome and loads of fun.  To get early bird pricing click here now!

Finally, before we know it the Holidays will be upon us.  Keep these dates free for a few seasonal drinks – Boston 13th Dec, New York 9th Dec, Philly and Pittsburgh TBC.  I can see a holiday-themed road trip for the Passle team!!


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