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Navigating an Enterprise Scale Website Build: Ankura's Story

Tackling a website project of any size is no mean feat. Ripping up the playbook and building an enterprise-scale website from scratch is a masterclass in project management, stakeholder engagement, and effective leadership. 

At our recent CMO Series Live Conference, we were honoured to be joined by Crossley Sanford, Managing Director at global expert services and advisory firm, Ankura, whose inspiring keynote speech uncovered how she did exactly that. 

Crossley shared why she decided “to tackle the three-headed monster” by doing a rebrand, a new website, and a new thought leadership platform to streamline their business development efforts, all in one go.

Their journey began by defining their "North Star" – the ultimate goal for the project, which was ROI. They focused on understanding the customer journey to glean valuable insights from both employees and clients.

Crossley and her team made sure to involve everyone in the process, from marketing through to the C-Suite. By listening to everyone's input, they gained firm-wide buy-in and figured out what truly mattered to ensure a successful outcome that would serve the business, its clients, and their changing needs in the longer term.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation is key: Taking the time for due diligence and setting clear expectations led to success.
  • All hands on deck: Involving everyone created a sense of ownership and boosted collaboration.
  • Follow the 'North Star': Understanding the customer journey paved the way to a better website.

Ankura's story shows how leveraging technology, teamwork, and a client-centric approach can lead to a future-fit website that stands out from the competition. 

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