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Passle's approach to making generative AI easy to adopt at your firm.

Last week, Gartner released the results of their 2023 Martech Survey in which they identified that 63% of marketing leaders planned to invest in Generative AI in the next 24 months.  They also reported that the 4 principal hurdles that obstruct the increased use of marketing technologies are:

  1. The complexity/sprawl of our current marketing tech ecosystem
  2. Lack of a strong customer data foundation to enhance the business value of technology
  3. Inflexible governance that inhibits new or innovative business processes
  4. Difficulty identifying and recruiting marketing talent to drive utilization

The hurdles highlighted by Gartner's 2023 Martech Survey make total sense. We believe it is the role of technology providers to make adopting game-changing technology possible.

Here's how we've solved each of these challenges to make it possible for your firm to adopt Generative AI smoothly and effectively for marketing.

1. The Complexity/Sprawl of Our Current Marketing Tech Ecosystem:

We've all been there – the labyrinth of marketing technologies can be overwhelming. At Passle, we've got your back. Our product is designed to mesh with your existing systems, websites, and technologies - all through APIs.  

In short, our APIs are an easy way for our technology to talk to your existing technology and systems. This means you can embrace a streamlined content creation process that unifies your firm's efforts. The sum of the tech you have invested in becomes greater than its parts. Passle simplifies the complexities of your tech ecosystem.

2. Lack of a Strong Customer Data Foundation to Enhance Business Value of Technology:

Customer data is the backbone of successful marketing. We understand that, and we've got a solution. With Passle, AI-driven insights become your ally. 

Our platform presents authors, business development teams, and stakeholders with valuable data on which clients and prospects are engaging with which content and which authors. This empowers you to leverage AI where your clients are genuinely engaged, enhancing the business value of your technology investments and transforming noise into engagement.

3. Inflexible Governance That Inhibits New or Innovative Business Processes:

Flexible governance is crucial for innovation, and that's where Passle steps in. 

Our platform offers secure yet adaptable workflows. AI-assisted content flows seamlessly through efficient proofing, review, editing, and approval processes. By housing the entire content lifecycle within Passle, we ensure efficient governance while nurturing an environment that welcomes innovation and new business processes.

4. Difficulty Identifying and Recruiting Marketing Talent to Drive Utilization:

Finding and nurturing marketing talent can be a challenge, but Passle has a solution that lets you focus on what truly matters. 

Our streamlined content creation process trims the timeline from weeks or days to mere hours. This newfound efficiency frees up your marketers to concentrate on strategic tasks, like adopting new technology. Passle redefines the role of marketing talent, allowing them to drive innovation without being bogged down by tedious tasks.

At Passle, we're on a mission to empower professional services marketers. 

By addressing the complexities of marketing technology, harnessing customer data, fostering flexibility, and enhancing talent utilization, we're reshaping the future of marketing. Our commitment is to help you navigate these challenges seamlessly and unlock new avenues of growth, making your marketing efforts more impactful than ever before.


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