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Overcoming Perfectionism and Developing Thought Leadership

It is no secret that writing can be a difficult and intimidating process. We work with a number of experts in Professional Service firms and often see a common barrier to developing thought leadership: their own desire for perfection.

When faced with the prospect of publishing their own content, it is common for our clients to immediately doubt their own ability to produce relevant, digestible, and insightful content. A desire for perfection can freeze the creative pipes before the expertise has been allowed to start flowing. 

Here are some thoughts on how to get past perfectionism and begin producing content that will solidify existing client relationships and build new ones. 

  • Focus on your expertise, forget about style to start
    • Clear, concise, and a value-add to your clients and prospects—those are the main goals
  • Don't be afraid to ask for some editing from your approvers and editors
    • Content production isn't an individual endeavour; if you reach a sticking point, drop a comment to your colleagues when you send off your post for approval
  • Write a little, write a lot
    • Make writing your thoughts about current industry topics a habit; not every draft will turn into a published insight but many will
  • Finish the post
    • Balance a free-flowing drafting process with execution

Thought leadership isn't developed overnight. The Passle process (Listen, Create, Engage) works when repeated over a sustained period of time. As the wheel spins, your brand strengthens, and your status as a thought leader solidifies. The hardest step is often to start writing. Trust your expertise, start drafting, and let the momentum build. 

The desire to write a perfect post can stop a post from being written at all. Start by giving the wheel a nudge; write a couple paragraphs the next time you read an interesting article related to your industry. In a market where decision makers are increasingly attracted or put off by your firm's online presence, it is more important than ever to not let perfectionism stop you from communicating your expertise and winning new business. 


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