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Passle's Marketing Internship Program

Each year at Passle, an intern joins our marketing team to learn more about the craft of marketing, get some experience of what it is like to work for a software firm and to contribute to successful projects like the Passle CMO Series Podcast and our annual research.

These interns get a broad range of support to help starting a successful career in marketing, many have graduated to roles at Passle.

This year, we've decided to formalise our approach and launch the Passle Marketing Internship Program. 

From the end of May, two interns will join the Passle marketing team as part of a new rotation program, which will give both aspiring marketeers a deep dive into all the different parts of the marketing mix. The aim of this program is to be fun,  educational, and to equip these young marketers with the key marketing skills needed to start a successful future career!

This is one of many cultural and professional development initiatives at Passle, that you can learn more about here.

We're excited to support and empower the next generation of young marketers and, in our own small way, contribute to developing the craft of marketing.


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