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Here come 5 tools to give your blogging a kick-start

Getting started with blogging can be a daunting task. Here are a couple of tools that can help you keep your writing slick and on-track:

  1. A witty title generator – there are many out there, but this one not only suggests, it also deconstructs titles.
  2. I’ve mentioned Hemingway before, it’s a nifty little tool when you need your writing to be fluff-free. Hemingway is pretty ruthless at forcing you to get straight to the point.
  3. Stuck for ideas? Answer the Public should help. Type in a keyword and it'll show you questions related to it that people have typed into search engines. Hundreds of blog ideas in just seconds!
  4. Go Editorial Calendar is a Chrome extension to help you keep track of your blog ideas. You access it by opening a new tab and can type in your blog ideas. Ditch the graveyard of post-it notes!
  5. Feeling a bit shaky about your grammar? Add Grammarly to your browser....

What are your favourite writing tools?


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