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The Rise and Rise of Employee Advocacy & Activism

An excellent piece of research into this interesting and increasingly important topic. 

If you aren't helping your employees share their knowledge and skills, you aren't helping them and you surely aren't helping yourself.

Take note of the difference between the two lines below. The blue (higher) line is when the employer encourages social advocacy and the red is where they do not. 

And what's the No.1 method to encourage employees... Provide readily accessible tools. 

Now I don't want to be a crashing bore about this BUT it did not escape my notice that Passle ticks pretty much all the boxes in the list below. 

How do these employers encourage their employees to be social stewards? Provide readily accessible tools for employees to use in social media (55%) Provide messages about the employer for employees to use in social media (50%) Provide easy-to-understand guidelines to employees for using social media (42%) Ask employees to stay alert to social media postings about the employer (39%) Provide training for how to use social media properly (37%) Provide access to social media at work (35%) Provide updates about changes in social media so that employees can stay current on the latest tools and uses (35%) Provide employees with one or more social media accounts to use (13%)


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