Last night those of us who are unfortunate enough to support England's football team watched Iceland (population just 330,000) beat England's highly paid 'stars' 2-1.  A team of  players with a plan who worked together beat a team of far better individual players without a plan or any sense of cohesion. In politics here in the UK we are also seeing how not having a plan is a pretty poor idea too - have a read of  'Brexit. So err.... there's no plan then?' written by my colleague JB.

With content marketing life is easier - a lot easier: 

Work as a team and promise each other what amount of content you are happy to produce in any week, month or quarter.  Do this as a team and promise your teammates what you will achieve.  Don't look at the bench to bail you out (ie marketing).  Do it yourself.  

Then, make a goal - a deadline event.  We send out a weekly newsletter to our community and this gives us our deadline event.  Every week I have promised to deliver one piece of content to appear in the newsletter.   

Now rely on - and trust - your teammates.  Act as a collective.  Quality can be assured by making sure that you share your content with one of your teammates before going live.   

Easy!  Far easier than football or politics!  

If all else fails employ a tough Australian who kicks your arse and makes you remember what you can achieve as a team (rugby reference - please see Eddie Jones saves England)