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Liking & Sharing is Caring...

Working for a business that is very socially active across Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc we focus a lot of time in engaging candidates in different/modern ways, not just across the traditional job boards and website advertisements. So how is social media changing the role of a recruiter? 

Social media allows you to target those passive candidates who might not be active on the market but who could be open to changing their minds should the right opportunity be presented to them. The power of news feeds on social media platforms as well as groups that have developed on Linkedin (both industry or area specific) allow us recruiters to promote opportunities to potential job seekers more frequently and at times when we don’t expect to see it!

Linkedin is a fantastic tool and luckily here at PIE Recruitment we're a business that are able to utilise this widely. I can personally vouch that this has a big influence on how we promote opportunities as well part of the service we provide to our Clients. Encouraging them to utilise their workforce by completing their profiles, adding videos, company blogs and then liking and sharing such posts, all encourage potential employees and allow them to see how great your business is! It's a fantastic opportunity to freely showcase your company culture. With recent figures showing 80% of all job seekers use social media as part of their preparation and research ahead of an interview, can you afford for your workforce to be left behind?

Social media is by no means a new tool for recruitment. With the rise in popularity of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in recent years, you might think that a large number of recruiters would be utilising it for recruitment advertising purposes. However, a huge 60% of recruiters still don’t use social media in the recruitment process, according to the Jobvite 2015 Social Recruitment Survey. But why should you be using social media to recruit?


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