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Is Your Online Brand Worth $25million Dollars - Casey Neistat's Is...

All 5.8million subscribers and 1000's others were left disappointed when Casey Neistat ended his vlog last week. 

It was clear for sometime that Casey had something else planned, plenty of clickbait and thoughts from other vloggers such as Fun For Louis, GaryVee, Ben Brown to name a few. 

Casey has expertly displayed how to execute a highly successful content strategy, just as YouTube prescribe (great keynote here explaining):

Hero, Hub, Hygiene Content Pyramid

Casey previously produced larger, commercial videos from his HBO series to Nike or J.Crew adverts. This left gaps in his content calendar and with no clear 'go-to' site he looked to grow his audience through more regular, timely content through a daily vlog. This content was then flanked by larger pieces such as snowboarding through New York or technology reviews

Importantly Casey also used his personal network to amplify the reach of content by featuring or quoting other individuals in his content. 

The call to action was specifically his social media app, Beme. There is an explanation of Beme here, it essentially a Snapchat competitor with a difference. This slowly lost prime positioning as the company failed, hence the acquisition of his team. 

In a B2B market this strategy is no different, enabling your team of experts to produce regular and relevant content for their audience that drives traffic to your website can enable huge increase in value. More importantly you can capture an audience that, in this case, would be spending those precious minutes each day on another YouTubers channel. 

Why have CNN paid this much for the brand? Perhaps they see YouTube as the AirBnB equivalent to their business and want to get ahead of the competition?  

The Beme app will be shuttered, with the company’s 11 employees joining CNN to form a separate technology unit focusing on the new media venture and CNN’s wider mobile video efforts. Mr. Neistat will retain control of his personal social media channels and accounts, such as his 5.8-million subscriber strong YouTube channel. CNN said that while the acquisition was not a TV talent deal, the company is exploring ways for Mr. Neistat to connect with new audiences.


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