There have been many articles in the last couple of months looking at how video content will continue to become even more important in 2017. I like the article referenced below from Prodo Digital. They predict these 5 video content tactics will take centre stage:

1. Use Facebook live

2. Create Landing Page Videos

3. Create Product Explainer Videos

4. Use Snapchat

5. Document, don't create

In the last year two of my clients have been working together on video creation - Tinker Taylor created marketing videos for Catalyst Corporate Finance. Catalyst Corporate Finance use video throughout their site to provide not just a company overview but also a detailed explanation of their niche expertise (eg selling your company & Partnering with Equity)  and to showcase specific deal case studies (eg Catalyst and itg).

I think this is a great case study of how a B2B professional service firm is using video as 'hero content'. Not sure if they are going to be doing too much with Snapchat or Facebook any time soon  but they have nailed providing effective, informative, high quality resources to clients and prospects.