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How to be as prolific as Isaac Asimov in 6 steps

Great article by Charles Chu in which he distills Isaac Asimov's writing on writing into 6 key pieces of advice to be as prolific as him.

I recommend clicking through to the article to read the points in full which are:

  1. Never stop learning - keep reading widely and stay curious.
  2. Don't fight getting stuck - move on to other things while your brain works things through.
  3. Don't reject your ideas before they've had a chance to grow
  4. Lower your standards - don't try to be a perfectionist.
  5. Keep writing - it'll help you get over point 4
  6. Keep thinking.

While the article's intended audience is likely to be fiction authors - I think these points apply to B2B content writers too. An encouragement to stay curious, be willing to experiment and fail, and most importantly, to keep writing, can only be good things.

If there’s one word to describe Isaac Asimov, it’s “prolific.” To match the number of novels, letters, essays, and other scribblings Asimov produced in his lifetime, you would have to write a full-length novel every two weeks for 25 years. Why was Asimov able to have so many good ideas when the rest of us seem to only have one or two in a lifetime? To find out, I looked into Asimov’s autobiography, It’s Been a Good Life.


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