"People buy from people, not companies"

A horrendously overused statement, but conversations I've had in recent weeks have massively reaffirmed this.

It's amazing how caught up B2B companies get with things like corporate brand, company voice, and whatnot.

The long and short of it is: not many people care.

Yes, company brand and voice do matter, particularly for recruitment (in my opinion), but for high-value B2B sales processes (i.e. the thing that keeps the lights on), people will buy from people, particularly those that they like and trust. That's why fee-earning employees with big and valuable networks (that know and trust them) come with a big price tag.

So as Evan says, get personal when sharing your content. And make sure you're talking about something genuinely interesting and relevant to the person you're writing for.

Write for your key stakeholder because it's a means of influencing them and solving their problem. Don't write because your colleague in marketing says you need to do in order for them to hit their KPI on website traffic.