A very short video which delves into one CEO's (Shabnam Mogharabi of SoulPancake) quest to establish a 'real' connection with their customers. The solution was, of course, their employees.

We at Passle have harped on about authenticity for quite some time. In fact, so much that I began to lose sight of why we first started talking about it in the first place. This video below reinvigorated my enthusiasm for it once again. 

We often talk about the authenticity of expertise and how impossible it is to replicate the knowledge of someone else online, however, this video comes at it from a slightly different slant which I find particularly relevant. It breaks authenticity down into opening up and being 'real' online. In short, it's about making yourselves vulnerable online and sharing a bit of your personality. It's through this opening up online that employees can start to forge real, human bonds with their social community. 

Why? Every single person is an influencer. We all have a community who we can influence and share moments with. Real people talk about real, human things which matter to them and are relevant to other people within their own social community. The most relatable thing any of us can do according to Shabnam is to be a little bit vulnerable. 

Any key takeaways? When creating something for public consumption, put your heart & soul into the content. This effort, attention and passion will show and will pay long-term dividends, never mind creating a human connection.