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Running ABM programs: What do they like for breakfast? Get under the skin of these people!

Gareth Case of NIIT and Really B2B, led a really interesting case study of a single firm ABM program - a ‘purists’ ABM program at the B2B Ignite conference yesterday.

The aim of the program was to change the perception of NIIT with its partner; from a Tier 2 but effective and trusted delivery partner, to a Tier 1 Innovation & Growth partner. NIIT believed that they need this to grow their account but also that if they did not, the whole multi-million pound account would be in danger. 

They co-ordinated very closely with their customer to the extent that they had a branded area in the client's offices with 6 key innovations being showcased. The ROI was excellent. In Mr Case’s opinion 20-25% of marketing budget should be spent on ABM “because its tangible”. And where do you get your budget from?.. the intangible programs.

As he noted, ABM is more risky - you have more eggs in one basket - but at the same time, it may be easier, as you know more accurately what you are actually doing. 

Take aways:

  • Have a big idea that you are pitching;
  • Really understand the individuals (in their example just 8 people) you are targeting and make sure they are at the right level;
  • Know their strategy - go to their events if you can but you must find out the big goals of the organisation;
  • Tailor your message to job function;
  • Be creative, be different.


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