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6 tips to take your Passle post to the next level

Not all Passle posts are created equal. Learning how to write an insight that will hit the mark takes some time and a good understanding of both the subject material and who you are going to write for.

When you are looking to make sure your post resonates with your intended reader, there are a few key things to do to give it the best possible chance of success.

Here are 6 things that exceptional Passle posts have in common:

1. A title that tells the reader exactly what they will learn

A title shouldn’t be clickbait - but it should tell your reader exactly what they will learn. The tried and true “6 tips to…” is a good option but equally any title that clearly states why a reader should spend 5 mins on the post will do the job.

2. Your commentary - the important bit!

If you are Passling from an external resource, add your thoughts to it. There is value to finding quality external content but the real value of Passle comes from when your opinions and expertise are applied. 

So whatever you are Passling, it's absolutely critical to pull out the key relevant points and add your opinions.

A good rule of thumb is that your comments should be longer than the text you highlighted.  Generally, posts are 100-300 words long.  If your post is just one sentence you are probably not showcasing your expertise in the way you could.

3. One clear point that resonates

Good posts are memorable because they have a single message. Make your point early and reinforce it at the end. Readers don’t really take away more than one point, so pick it wisely and make it clear.

4. Simple language

The most efficacious authorship endeavours perpetually for conciseness. Or rather, good posts use simple words and make their point using as few as possible.

5. A quality, related image

An image that reinforces your point is important for a post and essential for sharing. If you can get a snippet of your main point into the image all the better. Don’t sacrifice relevance for quality though. Better to have an interesting, inspiring image than a boring stock photo. (You will notice my image has 6 steps :)

6. A destination

Most importantly, your post needs a reason to exist beyond sitting on your website. A post written for one person is ironically more powerful than a post written for everyone. So share, tag, namecheck and make sure that the effort that’s going into your post pays off.

Here is a nice example of a post by Ann-Marie at Oracle:


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