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4 Easy Steps To Start Writing Effective Content: Flip Your Content Creation On Its Head

I was sat with a global consultancy firm last week who were asking how they could actually get their consultants and salespeople to write content.

In our experience from some of the worlds best thought-leaders, the answer is simple, but not always obvious.

Instead of asking experts to write about Subject X, ask them to write for Client / Prospect Y.

Much in the same way they don't bulldoze their way into a meeting chatting about themselves and what they think is important (they usually take the time to assess the situation and formulate a coherent strategy), they shouldn't do that when creating content. 

Here's a simple framework:

1. Start with a small list of client(s) or prospect(s) you want to influence: These are really the only people who matter. Widespread engagement & likes make you feel great but don't necessarily correlate with generating new business. 

2. Write down the 3-4 things which are important to them: the things which keep them up at night. These are the subjects you should broach in your content.

3. Think about how your offering & solution corresponds with these issues: if you can't answer this succinctly, nobody will ever listen to you.

4. Write what you would say to this person if they asked your opinion face-to-face over a drink: You wouldn't list off functionality and wouldn't bore them with pricing, integration. You'd have a laugh, say something interesting and try to educate them without becoming dull. 


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