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Should you create a podcast?

We are increasingly talking to our clients about podcasting.   Check out the podcast in the article below.  In summary, Ste Davis gives these reasons Podcasts are now more popular than ever and increasingly a great way to influence your audience:

  1. It is far easier than it has ever been to create a podcast.
  2. Podcasts are mobile.   You can listen on the train, at the gym or driving.  It is highly personal and authentic.  Most podcasts do not go viral.  Your audio is chosen by the listener.
  3. Over time you can build an audience.  In B2B it is a way for you to share your thoughts with all the people who know you.  They know your voice and this helps to reinforce your position as a trusted advisor.
  4. You can listen to a podcast whilst you are doing something else.  I am writing this post whilst listening to the podcast :)
  5. Podcasts can be long form but they can also be short and sweet.  Whatever works.  

To make life very easy Ste Davis has created these shortcuts:

1:54 The ease of use of launching a podcast today.

4:30 Like blogging, you have to take a long-term approach with podcasting

5:00 Podcasting is the only truly mobile medium.

5:51 Podcast listening is a highly personal experience.

7:20 Podcast engagement is rates are through the roof.

9:58 Podcasts are long-form content.

11:47 Podcasts come in a variety of different formats.

13:13 Podcasts help you become a better communicator.

With Passle it is dead easy to upload an audio file which provides everyone a way to create their own podcast.  Check out how to here

For a long time, podcasting remained on the sidelines where other mediums like video began to flourish. “Why would anyone prefer to listen when they can watch?” people said. When in actual fact, there are many reasons why you’d pick a podcast over video and the data proves it. Like building a brand with a blog, podcasting is a long-term play and requires a ‘marathon, not a sprint’ approach. In this podcast, I outline why you need a podcast to build a long-term online brand and the benefits of having one. Very meta.


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