When it comes to successful engagement with clients it is important to know who your customers actually are and what makes them tick.  Shaping your words and actions to your audience is important in person and online.

With that in mind, I was really interested to listen to the Market Leaders podcast below where Dr Larry Richard from management consulting firm LawyerBrain talks about what makes lawyers unique.  Law firms make up over half of the clients that I look after so it was fascinating to hear that those who practice law appear to share certain personality traits that are heavily represented in lawyers. 

Larry points out that lawyers have to wear so many more hats now than they did a generation or two before.  They need to be great lawyers but also leaders, rainmakers, coaches and try to put their feet in lots of other pairs of shoes!  They need to compete globally, retain millennials,  learn new tech constantly and 'be innovative'.  This is a tough ask and is by no means unique to lawyers.  Whatever your industry is and whoever you sell your services to I am sure this is also the case.

The more you study your clients' world, their challenges and their shared personality traits the better set you will be to help them achieve their goals.  

What I learnt from this podcast is how I can help drive change in their firms.  I can help provide the tools and advice that helps our clients travel into the places where they are uncomfortable.  The journey into discomfort and the agility to cope with the constantly changing environment is of course challenging but having tools that help empower and enable them to do those things is key.  

Most important of all is for me to put my feet in their shoes, listen hard and try to create information and solutions that truly suit their needs.