We talk a lot about Experts here at Passle. We use the term Expert-to-Expert to describe our approach to sales and marketing.

But what is an expert and who has expertise?

Daniel Kahneman, bestselling author and Nobel Memorial Prizewinner offers us some advice on the topic.

His criteria to become an expert are simple. You need:

- A stable environment that has established "rules" 

- An opportunity to learn the rules across a long time

- Regular and rapid feedback

If you have all of these things, Kahneman says you will develop expert intuition. An ability to trust your instincts and opinion within your domain of expertise. You can make decisions, give advice and take action confidently - trusting your experience.

Its really important to note that we are all experts in some way, whether it be as small as where the squeaky floorboard on the landing is or how to cook the perfect risotto.