A couple of months back, one of the world’s foremost law firms approached us to discuss how they could get their lawyers to make more content. During the initial conversations we asked what their business goals were; why did they want to be more active online?

Usually, the answer to this question is either “we want to increase sales” or “we want to be seen as experts in our niche”. This firm, however said they had plenty of work, “The last thing we need is more work!” and they were internationally acclaimed as the best in their business. It turns out that, during a client satisfaction review, it became clear that their clients wanted to hear from the lawyers more. They wanted to be made aware of issues before they became problems, and they wanted to do this digitally. 

"In this digital age, buyers are leading the journey and they prefer to interact with organizations digitally, meaning that organizations need to provide them with content, or they will get it elsewhere." David Held, Global Sales and Marketing Solution Strategy, Microsoft

The context of this quote is Sales and Marketing at enterprise organisations but the message is the same; your customers want to hear from your experts and, if you’re not talking, someone else will be. 

It was fortunate that our law firm did a client satisfaction survey, if they had not, they may have learned this lesson a much harder way.