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Helping expert clients find your content (Google - BERT update)

Generally speaking, if you are an expert in Search Engine Optimisation you need to spend an immense amount of time understanding how Google's search algorithm works and how to optimise a website to rank highly in searches.

This specialist knowledge is not something that experts in other fields have, which usually means that a piece of content can either be properly optimised for search or it can be written by and make sense for experts.

Google is about to make its most significant search algorithm update in the last five years, BERT. The change which will help it better understand the content experts write.

There are also a few things experts can do to help Google understand content - without impacting the quality of the content itself.

  • Write a good title and introduction that explains what the post is about
  • Include the search phrase you want to rank for in the title and body of the post in a natural-sounding way
  • Regularly link to other blog posts and static pages on your website
  • Link away to and ideally back from web pages on the same topic as the post
  • Avoid ambiguity, instead of saying "you" say "doctors" or "lawmakers" or whatever the subject

Google is striving all the time to understand content and provide better, more relevant results to users. This is great news for experts, but until Google knows more than experts in niche fields these few tips can help your clients find your content.

Google is making the largest change to its search system since the company introduced RankBrain, almost five-years ago. The company said this will impact 1 in 10 queries in terms of changing the results that rank for those queries.


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