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Should professionals use podcasts?

"How do we make a successful podcast?" is a question we often get from forward-thinking professionals, and they're right to look at the channel as an option.

In 2019, 32% of people in the US were regular listeners to podcasts. 11% of adults in the UK listen to a podcast every week. Podcasts have gone from a complete unknown to a feature of so many people's lives in less than ten years in a meteoric rise.

Not every method of communication is a good fit for professional services but firms can create client-focused content, delivered in the authentic voice of the real experts.

There are two primary reasons why:

Experts are the most trusted of all the sources of information

Niche content is unlikely to attract millions of listeners. But within those markets and niches, people value content produced by experts. Research consistently shows that a firm's technical experts are the most trusted sources of information. 

What better voice to keep clients informed than the authentic voice of the subject matter experts?

Podcasts don't need to be complicated

I've spoken to many different firms about podcasting. The biggest challenge they face is the expectation of what a podcast should be. Professional services firms are at their core about delivering valuable information to people that make decisions. 

To get your voice in the ears of your clients, you don't need a professional recording studio. You need a basic microphone, a quiet room and a topic to talk about. It can be done with minimal marketing support and with tools like Passle you can have your podcast up and running lightning fast.

The most difficult thing about a podcast is having something valuable to say. Experts at professional services firms have that in spades - it's what their clients pay for.


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