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Rainmakers win deals before clients are ready to buy

I love the quote below by Mo Bunnell who specializes in helping experts in professional Service firms with their business development or as everyone else calls it sales.  Have a watch of Mo's short video.

The foundations you lay now by providing expert insight, giving away valuable advice, and working hard to build your network will bring in revenue in the future.

I have done a number of long sailing races - and in a similar vein - it is well known that races are won at night. In an economic downturn, this lesson has never been more important.  Your efforts will be rewarded

I particularly like this piece of advice from Mo:  Invest in people when there is nothing for you to gain personally.  It is a good thing to do for sure but also what goes around comes around.

You can help in many ways.  One is to share your expertise with those you know will value it.  Give it a go.  Make a plan. Create a 'Give to Get' as Mo advises.  

Work out what you are going to give away to get ahead.

My father always said, "Basketball players are made in the offseason." The same can be said for business; big deals are won before people are ready to buy them.


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