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Great professional services marketing: Spotlight on Biz Breakfast.

We see a lot of professional services content marketing. Some good and others, well, not so good. When we do see the good ones, it is certainly worth sharing and understanding best practice. 

For a while now, the team at FBC Manby including Charlotte Clode, Head of Commercial Litigation and Stephanie Henson, Founder of techtimeout have been running a weekly video podcast called "Biz Breakfast". 

Each week, they bring on guests from their network and discuss important topics relating to their work. The videos are generally less than ~ 10mins and are recorded in a punchy but personable style.

You can see for yourself here.

The content is human, useful and shows that you can produce something of high quality, regularly without a huge team or unlimited resources.

What can we learn from Biz Breakfast?

Short, digestible & regular content is in demand.
Audiences are busy, but they need the expertise and information that content offers. Regular, useful and digestible content is regularly shown to be the highest performing.

We've seen this ourselves across the Passle network of thousands of professional services authors. As business conditions become more uncertain, demand for useful content rises.

Where Biz Breakfast have added to this mix is in the regularity of their content. In reality, audiences are not going to tune into all your content and they aren't going to buy because of a single content piece. Yet building more touchpoints builds stronger memory structures and makes a better case for your firm as the go-to experts.

Giving the experts a voice is the way to useful content.
To deliver genuinely useful information about a niche topic requires genuine expertise. Putting genuine expertise at the forefront demonstrates the capabilities of the firm.

Taking a break is ok.

For a few weeks after summer the Biz Breakfast team had a break. It showed that it's ok to acknowledge the effort of producing this content and that it's ok to have time away. Trying a new content type does not make you a slave to it.

Experts do not conform to stereotypes.

In contrast to some content, you won't see Biz Breakfast feature four dusty alumni. The show gives a voice to experts of all backgrounds - and the content is much more relatable for it. Clients and audiences do not fit a single mould- so why would the faces of your firm?

We highly recommend taking a look at Biz Breakfast. It's a new, challenging content type that has so much potential and is delivering quality in an area that definitely needs it.

clear, consistent and honest communication with the team, wider colleagues and clients is vital because that relationship of trust is harder to engender and maintain when you don't have regular face to face meetings. {Charlotte Clode, Head of Commercial Litigation}


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